RTC Nursery Price List

Photo_6Here are some examples of what’s available at the nursery. This list is not an up to the minute inventory, we may have some things that aren’t listed, and not all items are in stock at all time. So, if there is something in particular you are looking for, give us a call and we can help you find it.


Call 1-760-789-5910

Living Christmas Trees, (15 gal): Call
Fruit Trees: Apples, Cherries, Nectarines, Peaches, Plum, Almond, Walnut, Pomegranates Ornamental Trees, (15 gal): Call
Flowering Peach, Flowering Crabapple, Strawberry Trees, Flowering Plum, Native Trees, (5 gal): Call
Desert Willow, California Sycamore, Toyon, Redbud, Oaks, Palo Verde, Mexican Fan Palm, Shade Trees (5 gal): Call
Elm, Locust, Mulberry, Flame, Evergreen Trees (5 gal): Call
Willow Acacia, Canary Island Pine, Afghan Pine, Italian Cypress, Arborvitae, Wisteria, Queen Palms, Evergreen Shrubs (1 gal): Call
Boxwoods, Rosemary, Gazania, Salvia, Lavender, Iris, Geranium, Hopseed, Yellow Daisy (Euryops), Society Garlic, Ivy, Ferns, Cannas and Calla Lilies, Tropical and Indoor Plants (1 gal): Call
Hibiscus, Rubber Trees, Ficus, Cast Iron Plants, Bougainvillea, Scheffliera, Roses (1 gal): Call
Lady Banks, Paul’s Scarlet, Cecile Brunner (1 gal): Call
Large Variety of Succulents and Drought Tolerant Plants and Shrubs (1 gal): Call
Grapes and Berries: Call
Thompson Seedless Grapes (Green and Red), Concord Grapes, Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries. New Bareroot Stock every January to March 1st. Call

Prices subject to change without notice.