RTC Nursery

car_ces_qlow_600x375_01Unyeway’s 1.25 acre nursery offers a full variety of landscaping and household plants. In addition, we offer a wide selection of fruit, ornamental, and shade trees. All of our plants and trees are acclimatized to inland conditions in preparation for withstanding heat and cold. RTC Nursery is open to the public Monday through Friday year round.

We welcome the chance for you to car_ces_08contact our nursery staff with any of your plant questions during our business hours. Our telephone number is (760) 789-5910

The RTC Nursery also serves as a unique outdoor vocational training location for our program participants. Under the direction of our professional staff, participants develop social relationships, teamwork, self-esteem, decision making, independence, and leadership. This will help participants become experienced
workers while earning a paycheck, with the
goal of placement in future job opportunities.
Nursery Hours

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