Code of Ethics


  • Unyeway Inc.’s Personnel, Consultants, Volunteers, and Board Members shall:
  • Treat consumers, other persons who work for Unyeway, families of persons served,
  • volunteers, consultants, funding agents, other vendors, outside agencies, and any other
  • person with whom they come into contact with as a function of employment with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Provide quality services based on a person centered plan that addresses a consumer’s preferences, choices, input, and needs.
  • Ensure that staff acknowledge and understand the influence of cultural histories, life experiences, language differences, beliefs, values, traditions, practices, and other personal, environmental, and spiritual influences on persons served and their families as well as personnel, consultants, volunteers, and Board Members.
  • Engage in and promote honest and ethical conduct.
  • Strive to avoid actual or the appearance of conflicts of interest.
  • Comply with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Adhere to architectural, environmental, attitudes, finances, employment, communication, and transportation accessibility.
  • Consult with their supervisor and refer to the agency’s policy and procedures when responding to subpoenas or other legal requests such as search warrants.
  • Act responsibly in the use and control of all assets, resources, possession, funds, and information of persons served by the agency, as well as the agency and its personnel/volunteers/consultants.
  • Not engage in activities that fall into the categories of fraud, waste, abuse of fiscal mismanagement or other wrong doings
  • Report abuse of any kind including: physical, sexual, verbal, fiduciary, fraud, waste, and other wrong doings.
  • Report promptly any violations of the Code of Ethics.


  • Unyeway Inc.’s Personnel, Consultants, Volunteers, and Board Members shall:
  • Practice honest, transparent, and timely communication to facilitate the transfer of
  • essential information in the interest of our consumers and the agency.
  • Ensure that all services are promoted in a manner that is respectful to the consumers we serve, the personnel we employ, and all other stakeholders (Board Members, consultants, funding agents, etc….).
  • Protect confidential materials and information as well as the privacy of consumers served.
  • Protect confidential materials, information and privacy of all personnel, and other stakeholders in compliance with all legal requirements.
  • Disseminate accurate information and promptly correct or clarify erroneous communication for which we may be responsible.
  • Ensure that marketing practices are contributing to the Mission and Values of the agency


  • Unyeway Inc.’s Personnel, Consultants, Volunteers, and Board Members shall:
  • Respect all unique characteristics of individuals such as gender, culture, ethnicity, spiritual believes, and sexual orientation, as well as the diverse ages, languages, and socioeconomic backgrounds of consumers, Unyeway personnel, families of persons served, volunteers, funding agents, other vendors, outside agencies, and other stakeholders.
  • Not discriminate based on differences, including but not limited to: race, color, ethnicity, disability, religion, nation of origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, socioeconomic background, and the like.
  • Ensure that consultants and contractors are certified, licensed, and insured for the services they provide, as necessary.
  • Ensure that every employee for the agency has been trained on their mandated reporter duties and responsibilities. Ensure that witnessed or suspected abuse or neglect is reported to the proper authorities within the legal timeline stipulated by the State of California.
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Behave in a trustworthy manner with persons served, other personnel, volunteers, visitors, and other stakeholders.
  • Complete all documentation and record keeping requirements in an accurate, thorough and professional manner.
  • Provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment free of any accessibility barriers.
  • Ensure that confidential information and materials are safe guarded.
  • Advocate for persons served and protect the person served against unethical and hypocritical practices.


Unyeway Inc.’s Personnel, Consultants, Volunteers, and Board Members shall:

  • Treat persons served by the program as well as personnel, consultants, volunteers, and
  • Board Members with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Strive for the highest quality of services at all times.
  • Ensure that they are using the “people first” concept in service provision.
  • Understand and honor the rights of person’s served by the agency and the duty to act as a mandated reporter at all times.
  • Prohibit the exchange of gifts, money, possessions, and gratuities between personnel, board members, volunteers, consultants, the persons we serve, their family members, funding agents, other vendors, outside agencies (including: CCL, DOR, SDRC, AIS, CARF and other oversight agencies). This prohibition does not include the donations to support special events or items donated and pre-approved by the Executive Director for the benefit of consumers or the agency as a whole. The special event or items can never be for the benefit of an individual or specific individuals or for the services provided by Unyeway Inc. The Board of Directors as an entity can approve wage or monetary increases, or benefits based on laws, merit, or similar compensation for business reasons. All such compensations must be disclosed fully and recorded.
  • Follow Unyeway, Inc.’s Non-Fraternization Policy AP-26
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the persons served as required by law. Personnel, Board Members, consultants, and volunteers will not discuss confidential company matters, personnel matters, products or customers’ materials, or information regarding consumers unless specifically necessary and related to the performance of his or her duties within the agency.
  • All personnel and consultants are responsible for the fair and ethical treatment and the supervision of persons served by the agency, therefore nonprofessional relationships between personnel or consultants with consumers is prohibited. In cases where consumers have familial ties to personnel or consultants the related personnel or consultant may not provide supervision to the consumer during business hours.
  • Ensure the safeguarding and safety of all consumer and agency property. Report any loss, theft, breakage, or other damage to consumer or agency property to the program director and complete the proper forms i.e. damage report.
  • Strive to avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest.
  • Report any potential or actual conflicts of interests to the Director of Human Resources, Executive Director, or the President of the Board of Directors.
  • Prohibit solicitations or fund raising in the workplace, with the exception of the United Way Campaign.
  • Prohibit the bringing of personal property by personnel/volunteers/Board Members to the workplace.
  • Prohibit the display of items or expression of a religious, political, or potentially/actually offensive materials including through digital means.
  • Encourage and protect the reporting of abuse, fraud, waste, theft, and other wrong doing. Ensure the confidentiality and protection from retaliation of the reporter as is possible.

Unyeway Inc.’s Director of Human Resources and Program Directors shall:

  • Strive to provide trainings to the agency’s personnel, volunteers, and when applicable consultants to ensure these persons are well trained on procedures, safety practices, laws/regulations, specific requirements of oversight agencies and specific needs of individual consumers.
  • Strive to always emphasize a person centered approach to planning and training for consumers and their needs.
  • Be committed to a diverse and culturally appropriate work and program environment as well as culturally competent, trained personnel.
  • Ensure a safe, drug-free, and healthy work environment that supports our Mission and Values.
  • Ensure that licensed professionals practice within the scope of their licenses and that practices that require licensure are performed only by a licensed professional.
  • Personnel and as necessary volunteers and consultants are educated and follow policies and procedures.

Unyeway, Inc. personnel, consultants, volunteers, and other stakeholders may not participate in fraud, abuse, waste of resources or other wrong doing. Ethical violations or legal but unethical wrongdoings including but not limited to fraud, waste or abuse are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. Employees are encouraged to report any suspicion or evidence of waste, fraud, abuse, or other wrongdoings. There will be no reprisals or retaliation permitted or accepted if any personnel, consultants, volunteers, or other stakeholders report suspicion or evidence of waste, fraud, abuse, or wrong doings.