Referral Process

How to Get Started

The first step in the decision to attend Unyeway’s Success day programs is generally to schedule a tour of one of the Success Program sites: Lakeside or Chula Vista. In order to setup a tour you can call any of the numbers listed or click on the site location to contact the site via email. While a tour is most often the first step, sometimes a Service Coordinator from the San Diego Regional Center will send a collateral packet to one of our sites and request us to review the information about the Consumer in the collateral, then setup a tour. Either way both a tour and review of the Regional Center collateral referral packet are important parts of the process. Unyeway will determine if we can meet the Consumer’s needs at one of our programs and notify the Consumer’s SDRC Service Coordinator. Once a person tours the facility and decides that one of our programs is right for them, then the intake process begins.

Accepted to Unyeway

We are happy you have decided to join Unyeway, Inc.’s team. The Standard Intake Packet must be completed for all Consumers new to Unyeway, Inc. and returned before their start date. It is important that you are thorough to avoid any delays in starting the program.

In Addition to the Standard Packet

Prior to each Consumer’s start date, Unyeway will also need to receive:

  • Current Physician’s Orders for medications, treatments, diaper/depends, etc … used by the Consumer
  • Physical and T.B. Test (Form LIC 602) or forms provided by physician. The physical and T.B. test or chest x-ray must be dated within 1 year of the Consumer’s start date at our program.
  • Personal Rights (Form LIC 613)
  • Rights of Individuals with DD (Form DSP 304)
  • Current Residential Objectives (if applicable)
  • Conservatorship Papers (if applicable)
  • Medications and Medial Supplies (routine and PRN if needed at program)

Additional Information Needed for Consumers with Restricted Health Conditions

Unyeway is approved by Community Care Licensing to provide care for consumers with restricted health conditions (Restricted Health Conditions (RHC) include: G- or J tube feeding and hydration; tracheotomy care; the use of inhalation-assistive devices such as: inhalers, oxygen delivery, or nebulizers; catheter, illeostomy, and colostomy care; as well as diabetes monitoring. Consumers with RHC’s will also require a physicians order specifying care and treatment for all conditions. Once Unyeway receives these physician orders from you a care plan will be completed by Unyeway and sent to the physician for a signature, prior to the consumer beginning the program.

Needed Documentation:

  • Physician Orders specific to care and treatment of RHC
  • Unyeway Care Plan signed by a Physician
  • Medical Supplies for RHC


Additional Information Needed for Consumers Who Utilize Restrictive Devices – Requiring an Exception

Devices that have belts, straps, ties, clips and other measures that assist consumers to utilize devices for postural support, mobility, safety, etc … require an exception for its use within a Community Care Licensed (CCL) facility. In order to receive an exception Unyeway, Inc. will require a physician’s order prescribing the use of the device, a letter of support from: conservators (if applicable), an SDRC Service Coordinator, involved family and/or residential care provider representative as well as pictures of the device. The most common examples of devices requiring exceptions are: helmets for seizures; seat belts, chest harnesses, or foot straps for wheelchairs; and leg braces or AFOs.

Needed Documentation:

  • Physician’s orders specific to device
  • Letter of support – Conservator, Involved Family and/or Residential Care Provider
  • Photos of the device
  • Unyeway will seek to obtain a letter from the SDRC Service Coordinator and mail in the request for exception packet upon receiving the documents listed above in this section.


The referral/intake process can seem overwhelming, but we have successfully helped hundreds of people through this process so let us help you. If you have questions please call or email us.

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